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I am SUPER EXCITED that you are visiting my site.

I began my oil journey in May of 2013, after a devastating visit with my neurologist. At the time, after an exacerbation of Multiple Sclerosis, my 9 year old baby girl had to assist me by flushing out my intravenous line twice a day. The doctor said that the medication I was taking was no longer effective. He told me that my only option would be to start a treatment that increases my risk of getting a rare brain infection—that usually leads to death or severe disability. (There is no known treatment, prevention, or cure for the infection)

Obviously, Im here, so you know I didn’t risk it! What I did do was hold back my anger and tears, and said “NO (insert profanity here) way!!”  and I politely walked out. Yea, I cried all the way home; I screamed and even dropped a few “F” bombs as I talked with God and told Him that I wasn’t being taken out like that! NO WAY!!!

I was SCARED! I’m a wife, I’m a mommy, my family needs me alive and well. I had no clue what I was going to do or how long I would have until I wouldn’t be able to make any decisions for myself. The only thing I knew how to do was cry, and scream and ask the Lord why and what am I going to do???

One day, in a heated conversation with God, I opened up my Facebook and a post from a single mom lit up like a Christmas tree. What the heck?? I had nothing in common with her, or her post, but I had an aching, pulling need to find out more. She was talking about applying lavender to her young son’s blanket when he went to sleep at his dad’s. I didn’t have a problem with sleep, but I contacted her away. I knew, with every bit of my being, that what ever this stuff was, God wanted me to know all about it.

Fast forward to today>>>Yep, Im still here and never took that medication. I do take MS meds, but NOT that one. I now have other options and I’m living proof that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

I have used Young Living essential oils DAILY for myself, my family, my home and my pets for more than 3 years and I am completely over the top in LOVE with them! I’m an Oil Obsessed Mama and Proud of it!!!

You’ll want to keep checking back, because I will be blogging about each of my family members and what prayer and these oils have done in their life.

Shhhhh I’ll give you a little hint…

My son, at a young age, diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, EXTREME VIOLENT behaviors towards all family members and authority. They couldn’t rule out Bi-Polar and they suggested that he might have conduct disorder which could turn into anti social personality disorder. He was medicated with everything imaginable and hospitalized too many times. He was asked to leave pre-school and transferred in and out of 4 elementary schools. Do you get the picture?

Hmmm yep, 3 years later, he’s my pride and joy!! He’s off of ALL medications. I did that, with God on my side, against doctor’s recommendations. Now I’m not suggesting that anyone should do the same. Doctor’s are here to help treat us. However, after a lot of Prayer and  inner feeling of Peace, I knew for certain that my son would be fine, and He is. Prayer Works! and so does Young Living Essential Oils…. to be continued